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  • iScout: The game organised by the Travel Agent, played by Teams.
  • Travel Agent: The Travel Agency is a group of volunteers that develop, build, organise and/or directly contribute during the game to iScout.
  • Team(s): Every group that plays iScout
  • Contacts person: A person, representing the team
  • Buyer: A person who buys products from the Travel Agent. E.g. badges
  • Website: ScoutGame.nl and iScoutGame.com

The Game

  1. The contacts person subscribes a Team for iScout on his/her initiative. Thereby the contacts person, and thereby the represented Team, conclude an agreement with the Travel Agent.
  2. A subscription is completed after the Team has paid participants costs to the Travel Agent.
  3. A registration can be cancelled by the Contact Person within ten calendar days after the time of registration by contacting the Travel Agent.
  4. The Travel Agent has always the right to exclude Teams from the game.
  5. Teams play iScout according to the Playing Guide. If Teams are accused for cheating, the Travel Agent can disqualify the Team from further playing. The Travel Agent publishes the Playing Guide within reasonable time prior to iScout on the Website.
  6. Unless the Travel Agent made demonstrable mistakes, corresponding about the final ranks is not possible.
  7. The Travel Agent is not responsible or liable for inappropriate, offensive, abusive, infringing or illegal expressions by Teams in relation to iScout or Scouting in general.
  8. The Travel Agent is not responsible for the (consequences) of failing hardware, software, connections et cetera.
  9. The Travel Agent do everything what is reasonably possible to make iScout run smoothly. A partial disruption of iScout as result of failures (in hardware or software used by iScout or third parties) can not be excluded.
  10. All submitted material by Teams is and remains property of the Travel Agent and can be used and/or published by the Travel Agent without naming the Team in relation to the content.
  11. The Team decides for its own which tasks they perform and the Team is fully responsible for the interpretation and execution of the tasks. A Team is fully responsible for the (safety of) members of the Team and the (consequences) of their actions. Keep it fair and save!
  12. The Travel Agent will not take responsibility for the (consequences of) actions of a Team and individuals.


  1. Dutch law explusively applies to agreements between the Travel Agent and Buyer.
  2. iScout is developed and played by scouts. The Travel Agent hopes that these terms are superfluous and not needed in cases of a conflict.
  3. If the terms can't settle a dispute, the Travel Agent is right.


  • All rights about the game iScout, the iScout logo, the iScout name and the published materials are reserved by the Travel Agent. Unless explicit permission is given, texts, photos, graphics, pictures and other published content may not be used by others.
  • The questions, tasks and corresponding instructions that are available on the Website may be used under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 licence (dutch version).
  • The iScout logo is exclusively available for the tasks if mentioned in the task under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 licence (dutch version).
  • Pictures, photo's, film and graphics may, unless explicit permission is given, not be used by others.


The Travel Agent has the right to change the content of the Website and/or erase parts of it without communicating. The Travel Agent tries to actualize the Website as much as possible. Despite this care, it is possible that the content is incomplete or incorrect. It is not possible to claim iScout for these mistakes.

The Travel Agent has the right to change the content of the Website and/or erase parts of it without communicating. 

October 2019