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At the moment these 422 Teams with 9668 persons are joining the iScout 2018 Trip around the World.

There is room for 8 more Teams. Registration is open until March 3rd, 9h GMT.

Nametapes and Badges

There are iScout 2018 Name tapes and Badges. The badges cost 1.95 euro each and have a height of 6.5 cm. The Name tapes cost 3 euro for 5 pieces and are 7 cm long and 1.2 cm high. The shipping cost are only 1.45 euro. If you place your order together with your registration, you won't pay for the shipping.

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When your Team wins the game or end up in the top ten, you will get special Name tapes after iScout. Those Name tapes will state your Teams results. Therefore you have to provide your Team's details below. You can find those in the e-mail you have received directly after registration.

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