The iScout Travel Guide

In our Travel Guide you'll find all the rules of the game, tips and tricks and other information that could be helpful for all participants!

  • At the start of the game, you get a list of about 30 Tasks. When you have fulfilled a Task, you have to upload a photo or film to prove it. The Travel Agents will check them and give you 2 Travel Credits per Task.
  • Use your Travel Credits to buy Travel Questions. One Travel Question costs 1 Travel Credit. At the beginning of the game, you get 7 Travel Credits to start. Afterwards, you receive 1 Travel Credit every half hour.
  • When you answered a Travel Question correctly, you will get 1 Travel Point. If you do not know the answer, you will use a wildcard to continue.
  • If you have a large Team, you can work on a Project. Handing in a Project costs Travel Points. But with a well-executed Project, you can earn even more Travel Points.
  • The team with the most Travel Points wins the game.