Mini iScout


For the coming weeks, a mini-version of iScout will be available. Here you can find all the information about this version.
iScout mini is open and free for everyone. Play it with your fellow Scouts, with colleagues, your Sports Team, ... it's up to you!

What is mini iScout?

iScout mini focusses on the Travel Questions of iScout. Questions can be played without Credits.
For now, two tracks of questions are available for you to play. These tracks contain questions from our archive, a third track is available for questions you can submit (see below).

Every Wednesday all Team progress will be reset, new (submitted) questions will be added.

How to start playing?
  1. Assemble a Team to play the game
  2. Register your Team at
  3. Save your login-details, you receive them by e-mail as well
  4. Share the login-details with your Team
  5. Play the Game on

Forgot your login-details? Just register a new account.

Chat with other players

Share your experiences, get to know other players, ask questions.
You can chat with other players for fun and support on Discord:

Submit questions

Contribute to mini-iScout by submitting questions using the Google form HERE.
Submitted Questions will be briefly reviewed and added to the third available track.

What are Travel Questions?

Travel Questions are about countries, cultures and places around the world, answers are always spots on the map. You put a marker at the right spot at a Google Maps map. There are different Tracks to play. Every track starts with some easy questions and will get harder every question.

If you don't know the answer (for sure), you can use a wildcard. The wildcard option is available after 5 minutes after opening the question. If you use a wildcard you won't receive a point.

If you answered the question wrong, you can retry it after 1 minutes.

What about the Tasks?

As mentioned before, iScout mini focusses on the questions part of iScout. However, we invite you to come-up with Tasks and distribute them in your own Team or in our Discord Channel. Keep in mind that these Tasks can be done with the restrictions in place due to the Corona-virus.

For inspiration, have a look at the Tasks of last years: