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Track 1

To find out how iScout works, we’ll start with a very easy question. Travel to the capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam.

There are several famous squares in Amsterdam, like Damsquare. Travel to the National Monument on the Damsquare, it’s okay if you’re a few meters off.

These where the easy questions. We now continue with more difficult Travel Questions:

For more than twenty years this little dog is waiting outside a museum in Europe. Find this dog!

It's no longer possible to spend the night here, it seems; but we're going to pay a visit to the hotel where the Mona Lisa was found again.

Go to the room where the Mona Lisa was displayed in the 19th century. We are looking for the exact part of the building

Iceland, Denmark, the UK and Ireland are in conflict over a very small piece of land. Goto  this land. You may be off by ca. 75 km.

After the 2017-edition took place in Iceland, this will be the place of the next edition. After completing the trails all participants gather for the main camp. We travel to the location of the main camp.

Take bus 106. Go see the President and pay respect to the people’s heroes.

Go to Jeremy Clarkson's favorite road. There is a said-to-be-world famous castle on this route. The castle “features” in an actually world famous story. Where’s the author now?

There is a river that flows along 4 capitals. An affluent of this river connects 3 capitals.
We travel by car and take the fastest route from the third capital along the main river to the second capital along the affluent. We travel to the only border crossing on this route. (This happens to be on a bridge over another affluent of the mainriver.

Last year in Londen the famous artwork: Love is in the bin’ was created. But what was the place were the very first original piece was located? We go this exact spot. You may be off by 15 meters.

Big cities often have problems with vermin, but last November till January 20, there was a capital city that had vermin problems very locally. We travel to this bridge.

He was the last one. For a long time had been protected by armed guards. But he still died last year. Until 2009 he lived in Europe. We are going to that spot, and you can be off by a few kilometers.

Hippos live, obviously, in the river Nile. And some other parts of Africa. But there are some lost hippos that are a long way from home. Once as a pet, now escaped. We are going to a bar in Vienna.

We travel to a city in europe.

In 1962 the region was declared to be a national park because of the special plants that grow there and the rare animals that live there. Like the Kri-kri goat. In the chasm is also a village, which has been uninhabited since 1965. Between the houses and ruins still walk some Kri-kri’s. We are going to this chasm.

Travel to a railway station, that forms a part of an European border. The border is there since January 1st, 1993. We're looking for the station that's located in the easternmost country.

Devon = Muse Oxfordshire = Radiohead Essex = Depeche Mode Staffordshire = ?? Although lots of hits from this artist refer to his/her/their origin, it isn’t mentioned in the song titles. Travel to the city that is part of a hit title. If there are more cities, choose the biggest hit song.

20,000 in Italy, plus another > 4000 inhabitants.

A railway connected Portugal to Spain, in the years 1879-2012. It once was the fastest way to travel between the two capitals. Customs were arranged at this particular Portuguese railway station. After closing down the railway station, it turned into a guesthouse. It still looks a lot like the old days. Let’s visit this hotel.

Say you collected a valuable collection of art, but you don’t want it at home or in a museum. This is the quiet anonymous white storage bunker where you leave it.

Track 2

To find out how iScout works, we’ll start with an easy question. New York has a very clear street pattern. Travel to Lexington Avenue / 52nd street.

The crossing we travelled to in the previous question is near the place where a famous picture of Marilyn Monroe was taken. We travel to the entrance of the graveyard where she’s buried: Westwoord Village Memorial Park Cemetery.

These where the easy questions. We now continue with more difficult Travel Questions:

Although this city is technically a capital, it hosts neither the Constitutional Court, nor the Executive branch, nor the Legislative branch. There is a Supreme Court though. State your case there.

There’s a place where a couple of islands lay next to each other in the shape of fish. We travel to the tail of the middle fish.

You wouldn’t say there is anything wrong with secondhand clothing. But in some countries, it is illegal to sell secondhand clothing. We are going to a country where in 2011 * it became illegal to sell a specific piece of secondhand clothing. *maybe it already happened somewhere in the nineties, but for now we ignore that detail.

At the beginning of the year a moonlander landed on the moon. We travel to the location this moonlander took of from.

var E = 0;
var N = 0;
if (edition < 11) {
E = E + 61;
} else if (year > 2017) {
E = E + 14;
if (totalTeams > 500) {
E = E + 78;
N = N - 20;
} else {
E = E * 2;
N = N + 20;
if (totalCountries < 10) {
N = N + 88;
if (totaliScoutPlayers > 9000) {
N = N - 14;
You can be off by a bit

Last year a row of grain silos got a remarkable new look. A record. We are going to these silos.

Dutch people can’t life without their bikes. On this rollercoaster Dutch people can eat their hearts out.

Take this road in north-eastern direction. This road leads you through two major world cities. Point to the capital of the country where you eventually end up.

An Australian train with 268 carriages broke free of its handler. On which station would it have ended up if wasn’t stopped in time?

These islands were named after a Spanish (future) ruler.

Where was this picture taken?

Once upon a time there was an aircraft carrier that only fired in exercises but did manage to sink two ships when it rammed them. Which city was the carrier named after?

This volcanic mountain, with a dual name, is situated in the largest city and named after the capital city.

These two pandas will take care of a total of 2,74 million tons of CO-2 reduction in the coming 25 years. If you can find multiple locations, go to the one where the pandas are visible in Google Maps.

Of the heaviest class of battleships ever commissioned, two were made. One sank only after being hit by 17 bombs and 19 torpedos. In which sea is it now?

‘Ghost’- places have a certain attraction and have been subject of Travel Questions in the past years. Think of metro stations that never have been in use or complete cities that have been abandoned. The reasons that a lot of these places got abandoned are often not happy ones, however. Travel to the old central building of a city where over 40,000 inhabitants* left in the early ‘90s. * We’ve found multiple sources stating different numbers.

This city was once the largest in the world, sometime during the 1000 year BCE.

Track 3

To find out how iScout works, we’ll start with an easy question. The highest place on earth is Mount Everest. Let’s go there and travel to the summit.

When climbing the Mount Everest, one starts at a basecamp. Let’s travel to South Base Camp in Nepal.

These where the easy questions. We now continue with more difficult Travel Questions:

Navigate this sequence: we will never forget 9/11. Which airport do you touch down?

As of 2018, this Swedish giant sells only three products but is active in 78 countries. Point us to the Canadian HQ.

We go to the marked house.

We travel to the name of this song.

We travel to most south city with an ATM.

The history of this island is marked by death and doom. Between 1880 till 1940 people with a very contagious disease lived here. All these people died and their bodies are stored in the morgue on this island. In the decade after World War II the island served as center for drug addicts. Nowadays you need permission to enter this island. We of course don’t need permission, go visit this island.

Before you get permission to live in this village, you first have to remove your appendix.

The rumor is that this zebra is not a zebra, but another member of the Equidae family. We are going to take a look at the garden.

We are going to the city in the US where since last year you are not allowed to open/own a commercial mine.

In My Opinion: CPO BREMEN, ZHEN HUA 13. Divide by 10. Send a postcard home.

We travel to a clock where five minutes have passed since 1947.

These mountains are renowned for their tolerant stance towards LHTBQ+ 🌈. March there! There might be two possible answers. We go the one with the lowest elevation.

This circle shares the number four spot in size and is the largest one with a lake and an island in it.

You come up with something and before you know it, it becomes a tradition. And no one really knows why. This country speaks first, by tradition, at the UN General Assembly.

Where did the third Monday in January end?

McDonalds is a franchise spread throughout the world. But, there is a country that does have iScout participants, but doesn’t have McDonalds. Let’s go there.

We’re getting hungry for fries. How about you? Taking care of our health, we’d like fries with the least amount of salt. So travel to the country that supplies you with a small portion of fries, with the least amount of salt. Your answer is a country that also houses iScout participants. -ps Check We measure the salt in absolute amount per portion. That means: not the salt per 100 gram fries, and not calculated in RDI (Reference Daily Intake).


Here you can find all Travel questions of iScout 2019. All answers within the highlighted areas on the map where considered right. Most answers also contain a few links which show the answer.