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Track 1

A question to get you started and an easy way to earn your first points! Travel to coordinate (0, 0). We give a margin of about 100KM.

A question to get you started and an easy way to earn your first points! Take a plane to the airport that handles the most passengers per year. On average almost 300.000 per day!

We at iScout always live in the moment! For example, 1 second in iScout time is exactly 1 second. We checked with the guys in charge. Where did we do that?

So many people are joining iScout! Apart from the Netherlands, what country has the biggest percentage of its population joining the IScout?
For this question you may assume each team has the same amount of members.

There once was a British guy who had a craving for cheese fondue. He went to a French cheese salesman and picked the block of cheese to use for it. The salesman refused to sell the block of cheese to the guy because it was “too good” for fondue. Which region was the type of cheese originally from?

12:50: Basel
12:28: Paris
13:58: Marseille
14:29: Brussel
16:27: Amsterdam

During the 2018 Winter Olympics in South-Korea, Marcel Hirscher got his first gold Olympic medal. Where? We want a precise answer.

There’s a good chance that you’re playing iScout via a WiFi connection. That used to be totally different. Until the end of the 19th century this country was leading in telephone density. Go to the place where the vast majority of those connections came together. On the internet you'll find two location with about 100m in between. Both are correct.

In the very large (wannabe) treehouse/den children can enjoy, amongst other things, childrens books and films. While their parents are at the beach. The exact location is a bit hard to determine, so we’ll be lenient.

Three gentelmen, Dick, T** and H****, where used to escape. We go the the exit of H****.

We all had arguments about whether it’s allowed to eat diner in front of the television. A TV manufacterer made a statement that it is unwise to discuss private matters near your television recently. From which country is this manufacturer?

We’ll go to a (large) region.
A person there has 33 or 34 of them and cats and dogs have 12, 13 or 14 of them. We take the top one.

Wo go the largest number in the world.

Travel to the island of fun! But make sure to arrive before sundown.

This is not featured in the original. Where was the original made?

On Instagram people make their lives seem more exciting than reality. A festival (their Instagram account is deleted…) promised its visitors a spectacular stay: famous artists, luxurious diners and lovely villa's. A ticket costed thousands of euros. Once arrived nothing of all this turned out to be true. Let's take a look at the island.

Which frozen worm will become visible around the year 2100. The exact location is hard to find. Therefore the answer may me off by 80km.

A164422;35, A238199;34
To check: it is a random place in the northern part of a country.

This country's capital is bizarre. A few years ago the city has been pointed out as capital. It is developing since, but it's still not finished. A remarkable area in this city is a super, super, super broad road. That's where we'll go.

We’re going to a small island. There are about six times as many 😺 as people.

We take the RN15 in southern direction towards . The road is renumbered there. Point us to the next town on the route.

In this village, the people ran away for horns until 2011. They run away for something round since then. Less piteous but just as dangerous.

A movie was made about this oil spill. The disaster took place at app. 300 km from Panama City. We’re looking for the exact coordinates and you may be off by 2 km.

Track 2

A question to get you started and an easy way to earn your first points! Let's start this trip at the Amsterdam Central Station. So go there.

A question to get you started and an easy way to earn your first points! Travel to the first big passenger train station in the World. It's not there anymore.

Travel to the highest known mountain/vulcano known in our galaxy

... Drift
Showdown in little …
… Godfathers

Sometimes simplification is needed in order to get more grip on things. But it's a disadvantage things don't really look like reality anymore. But it works. Get it? We're heading to the place from this picture:

A film of 2016 tells a story about a boy who got lost and finds his way home using Google. We follow him, back to his suburb.

China is quite a special country. A short while ago a huge bridge is built to one of their neighboring countries. Minor problem: at the other side there is practically nothing. We travel to the 'empty' side of the bridge.

Go to the supporting island.

In which building was decided where the 2023 world scout jamboree will take place?

Normally you would have to be in a plane to be able to see these ancient lines. However, there also is a tower that you could climb in case you don’t have your jet ready. Where’s that tower?

This village deteriorated after a Swedish giant left. But when a specific building/organization was threatened with closure, the villagers didn’t take it any longer. In a united effort, they managed to revitalize the village. Point us to the building/organization.

More than 75 years after its destruction, this ships still leak oil.

In one of the tasks, there is a reference to a well known (and successful) sports team. The members of this team took part in a commercial in which they safe people from dangerous situations. In which city was this commercial filmed?

The commercial we where taling about is this one: , the story is set in Toyo.

In a part of the commercial the players are using public transport. We go to the  the place/exit/square where they leve the public transport building.

The blame game is as old as humanity. This is also true for some very specific diseases. The current name for one disease is more or less the same in most countries but in the old days the Germans called it "the French disease", the French called it "the Italian disease" en the Dutch called it "the Spanish disease". After which country named the Russians this disease?

I'm holding it back, just one sec
Go to the intersection at 4:17.

In this museum these could be exposed. ( )

This area is one of the most unattainable in the world. A deceased world leader is guarding this place. Indicating the correct place is hard, so it's okay if you're a bit off.

We are going to an island in Japan where the inhabitants are strongly advised (or obligated) to carry a gas mask at any time. They do not have to wear it always.

Take this road in south-eastern direction and travel for 10 miles. You’re now in a different timezone and crossed from Russia to China and back for 17(!) times. Indicate the stretch of road just after the last border crossing.

Track 3

A question to get you started and an easy way to earn your first points! Travel to the capital of Great-Britain.

A question to get you started and an easy way to earn your first points! Travel to the highest point on earth.

This ground floor crossroad, on an international airport, has cars as well as planes entering from the right.

There is a city hidden in this image. We will visit this city.

Where does Austria (almost) touch Austria and Germany (almost) touch Germany?

The construction of this pyramid started in 1993 and they're still 'hard' at work. The final result should consist of 120 concrete blocks.

Getting on this train, don't be surprised when are welcomed by a 14 year old, while you just bought your ticket from an even younger child behind the counter. These railways are almost entirely run by children and now forms a heritage form the Sovjet era. The most Northern station is the easiest to access from the city, so let's go there!

More and more we realise we should switch to using energy based on water, wind or solar power. Unfortunately about 90% of the worldwide produced electricity isn't fully sustainable/ renewable energy. Even though the first ways of producing energy were based on hydropower. Travel to the house that was the first ever lighted by use of electricity (based on water power).

About two decades after the first house was supplied with electricity, the first public energy supply based on water power was founded. Travel to the village that used hydropower first.
Unfortunately this turned out to be an economic failure. Three years later the village switched to gas lightning.

Once, he walked on water. But at this location he ended up beneath the water.
You answer may be up to 500 meters off.

When I take the train from Bexhill to Brighton, and I look closely, I can see a man laying in the grass. We will pay him a visit.

Once arrived by train we travel to a place where a huge hand must have been.

We go to a tunnel which is nowadays used as graveyard for public-transport busses. Several you tubers visited the tunnel. They used a grind in the sidewalk to enter the tunnel. We go to that entrance.

Monorails come in different shapes and sizes: hanging, standing and very special ones (like: Travel to the first opened section of the eldest hanging monorail. It is still in use.

The monorail in Wuppertal is the eldest hanging monorail. It is still in use. 2 days ago the first part was in use for already 117 years. Many things have happened since. 117 years has its successes and failures. Travel to the statue of the elephant that once fell out.

Cities try to be high on a ranking in, sustainability, being 'green' or creating a circular economy. We travel to a city that, according to a study, ranks the highest on being the 'greenest' in Europe. But according to another study in sustainability in European cities (by a leading magazine), it scores the lowest position on a ranking.

Where was this final sentence of the movie pronounced?

Line 64 had an accident in this city on this excact day in the past..

This mega goat didn’t survive in 68,6% of cases, but this time, it did. Let’s go to its meadow.

Some enormous units washed ashore in Norfolk in August. They were on route from country N to country A but there was an accident in which they became loose. The accident occurred with a ship from another country. Travel to that country.


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