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Track 1

What is the capital of Germany?

Of which country is Paris the capital?

Do you also want enough space as you pull your laps in the pool? We're looking for the place where you can do that the second best.

We are looking for a killer lake in Belgium.

Article no: 302.360.25
We are looking for a province

The Worldbank collects all sorts of statistics per country. For example the amount of internet users per 100 inhabitants. There is something remarkable in these statistics. In the time period 2013-2015 internet use increased in all countries, except for two.*
Travel one of these two countries with the most users per 100 inhabitants in 2015.

*) one more country saw a decrease, but in 2014-2015 only.

We start by constructing a 11-digit phone number of a GP. The next step is to find his address in a nice residential area. The answer of this question is the slum next to this residential area.

+[club with Jimi Hendrix en Jim Morrison] [vehicle number of Buzz and Neil] [CDLXII] [make music to your name (2 cijfers)] 55

You took the 14 up and went down via vallons. Your friends went up with 17 and did go down via longe combe naar beneden. Where do you meet?

In december, cities all around the world install lights and decorations on their squares. In Colombia they know how to do that. No town or city is complete without flashing lights in different colors. The absolute climax is concentrated in and around this park in de city of Medellin.

The Travel Agency recieved this card by mail. Where is this photo taken?

WOSM has many offices around the world. Look for the place where the world's first office once stood. A few doors down is a company that suits the WOSM very well. We go visit that company.

If you're on a plane flying to this town and look out the window, you might just be thinking that you will touch down in Cleveland. We go to the place that creates this problem.
We're looking for a city

Parts of the most discussed wall of last year already exists. We go to the most western end of it. More specifically, to a seven letter word which is written on this wall and says something about the feelings some people have about it.

Nominet made a map of the world based on the number of registered domains per country. Find this map, it's about one year old.
The biggest country on the map is still the one from the free .tk domains :)
One country only has 2 registered domains. By now, the're at least 4.
The next destination is the office of the authority in that country that manages these domains.

It's just a 15 minute drive form Promised Land to Paradise. There's a Shortcut, but it only increases the distance. Nevertheless, we take it and decide to stop there.

Lemon, Ivory, Sulfur, ...
PS. We travel to an (coded) area in The Netherlands

We go to the heådquårters of the firm which sells "economical" ånd "correct eye".

(actuålly, two cities åre åccepted ås correct)

This is a bottle of milk. As on every EU milk product it has a code which direct to a very specific place. We go and find this place.

We go to the nose of a well known former first lady, which face is immortalized in the plan/map of a city/suburb.

This island is a World Heritage Site. At its peak there lived thousands of people. The island is known because since all people left the island, it has not been intervened by man, allowing research into disrepair of buildings. The façade has been used in a famous movie.

Track 2

On which continent is China?

In which city is this statue located?

We travel to the location of one of the iScout Teams who play the game tonight.
Hint: Disney animated film of 1995
Travel to the location they play the game from (the location they gave in the registration form, so very precise)

We travel to the location of one of the iScout Teams who play the game tonight.
Hint: 'a nuclear device that has been lost' a.k.a. ...
Travel to the location they play the game from (the location they gave in the registration form, so very precise)

We travel to the location of one of the iScout Teams who play the game tonight.
Hint: Ask google two dates. The first is 25 june 1977, the second 32264 days earlier.
Travel to the location they play the game from (the location they gave in the registration form, so very precise)

From which building is this picture taken?*

* As you can probably see, this is a screenshot from Google Maps/Streetview
Easy question, so we like to get the exact location from you :)

The travel agents are at forgot.exacted.bleak today, the highest point on earth is on luches.founder.nimbleness and the lowest on land around suffer.intellects.folksinger.

Travel to:

The location is in a city.

The words differ per language, use English.

We go to the area between colocate and mount -a. Start your trip with looking for the map.

In this national park, 35,000 pounds were spend on a project to make the public more polite. A film was made and people posted with signs 'Hello' to make it happen.

Somewhere in the South Downs National Park, a memorial is placed to remember the crew of an American militair aircraft that crashed on the site during WWII. This can be seen for example from pictures from the park online. Visit this memorial.

To double check you've got the right airplane. Its serial number is: #1-####2

In Google Maps satellite view, you see the memorial (if you know what to look for). Therefore, the margin of error for your answer is limited.

An important something of 20 januari 2001 was in january 2017 announced again on this square somewhere on the African continent.

We go to a city from the image. On the image you see only the water.

Unfortunately Santa Claus, Gandalf, Dumbledore an Darwin (for example) are not allowed to play in this sportsteam. We are going to the park of this team on number 501.

On January the 22nd (23st) a dutch video was viral on the internet. In which Theater in Amsterdam is the associated show recorded?

To find the next place you'll first have to solve the Sudoku. A horizontal row will give you the latitude and a vertical colum will give you the longitude.

If you have the right coordinates you will find a place that is conected to the Sudoku.

Tip: to prevent that you'll have to try all the 81 options, the two coordinates cross at a 5. And not to forget, the latitude has 2 digits before the point and the longitude just 1. Good luck!

On april the 8th X landed on S. And that was very special. We go to the place of birth of the person who came up with the names of those S's first.

The part with public of a much downloaded *something* (named after the Father, Son, Holy Ghost) was near this large city.

Alfa, Bravo, Charlie

Quebec, India, ?

At this location, the pizza with fish soup won the international competition.

We have our robot vacuum cleaner equipped with a webcam. The robot is from 20.30 to 22.00 busy in our room and at those times the webcam streams live on our Facebook. 6 hints in that room lead you to a city. Check out the live stream and travel to this city.

This is the last question in track 2.

Track 3

In which city is the Statue of Liberty located?

What is the most southern point of Africa (main land)?

Quick, This huge pink rabbit (or hare) is almost gone!

By the end of 2015, the goverment here presented plans to increase the legal minimal size of a bedroom to 6,5 square meters.

Our next destination is one of the most impressive urban construction projects in history. In 4 years, around 100,000 workers build this perfect round city. The wall reached 24 meters and battlements and bastions were constructed on top. A moat surrounded the city. The Great Mosque and palace formed the center of the city.
De city expanded quick because of its strategic trade position between Europe and Asia. Also lots of students, scientists and artist from large parts of the world settled in the city.
Nowadays there is nothing left of the Round City, multiple wars and conquests demolished most of the city. The last walls were torn down in 1870 to make city modernization projects possible.

A park in Virginia with sculptures of former US presidents closed a few years ago. The sculptures were saved and stored elsewhere. Go to their current location.

We go to a city. The city has the same name as the person.

This rover weighs (in kg) the route-number of the road from Rosh HaNikra to Hula Valley. We go to the big, imposing, spectacular departure of this tover.

This old metro or train station is a big secret. Rumour has it that this station is used by VIP's and presidents to go unnoticed in and outside of the city. Probably this station isn't in use anymore. Where is this station? 

It is written in truth, that she has a fine head of hair, but when it comes to seizing an opportunity she is bald.
We are looking for the place where it premiered.

148 years ago east and west were connected by these railways. We are looking for the location of the object used during the ceremony at the 10th of May that year.

We go to the paper town from paper towns.

Remarkable: According to Wikipedia, a small European country holds second position in electricity usage per capita.
Het country buys over 90% of the electricity from its neighbors. We travel to the power plant within its borders that produces the most. More exactly, the point were the water gets into the system.
The plant is small, but the system is nice. The water flows through a 5 kilometer long pipe down to the turbines. And when there's more electricity available then needed, they pump water back to the lake in the mountains.
A short film may help you find the location.

This country house was originally intended for civil servants to come to rest, now it is no longer meant for all officials. It is officially a naval base. In 1978 and 2000, took the news.

This island, about 40 km from the cost of Romania, doesn't really live up to it's name. We are looking for a forbidden place, on the other side of the world, that fits this name better.

You know the news about (air) pollution in the big Chinese cities. A great source of all the pollution are the coal-fired power plants. China is, however, also by far the biggest producer of renewable Energy. They only have a problem with it. Most of the renewable energy sources are far away from the parts were most people live. They have to transport all that electricity long distances to the cities. Because of these distances new technologies and project with impressive numbers are needed.

The newest and biggest power line project covers a distance of 3.5 thousand kilometers, needs over a million volts and has a capacity of 12 gigawatts. That's enough to cover the average electrical energy demand of the Netherlands!

The project is new and there's not much information online. Therefore we go the the second largest project in its sort in de country. Travel to the starting point of the line.

What country would become the sixth eye in 2009?

iScout sends their messages obviously digital, but not everyone is a whizzkid likes are. Search the county that became a member on June 6, 1974 of the organization that originally arranged agreements about the the price of sending a letter.

The name of the artist of this work is unknown. But the moments these works appear correlate reasonably well with the tour dates of a band. We go to the hometown of the band.

Rick was policeman before the outbreak of the virus that change the human into walking deaths. In which city was he?

We go to the house where the first and most important murder was committed in the shortest piece of the man from Henley Street.


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