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Track 1

This country is known for LEGO, Hans Christian Andersen, the princess from this country does important stuff for the WAGGGS and there are currently some teams there playing iScout.
This link can help you:

This country is known for it's pyramids and there is currently 1 team there playing iScout.

Some people claim to be allergic for WiFi and other electromagnetic radiation. We are going to the country where a woman lives that receives 800 euro's a month because she can't work (fulltime) anymore because of her WiFi allergy.

We go to the country where, according to the urban legend, the icon on the key with coordinate (-3.5, -2) on a MacBook Air keyboard originates from. The H key is on coordinate (0, 0).
This overlay fits on this piece of the map, somewhere in a small, nice garden. Use the satelliet view.
We go to the end of the line where the x is located.

This hill named after a cemetery for a specific nationality is the location of one of the most famous streets in the world. Go to this street

One of our heros made a map of the USA which you can use to figure out where you are by recognising the background from movies. We to to the The Truman Show.

We go to the shop where they sell unicorn poo and soy milk. In the district where this shop is located people got angry about this unicorn poo (and other things).

We go to the country which has the most of this

The thing you did last year as hipster can be mainstream already. Sometimes you've got to do some strange things (to the untrained eye of the public) as notorious hipster. In this microbrewery, for example, they brewed beer with whale testicles.

Number 2 is the factory which builds the famous electric car. At number 3 they make airplanes. We are going to number 1.

It doesn't happen a lot luckily, a passenger that has to land a plane in an emergency situation. On bigger commercial flights, there is a co-pilot on board or with some luck a passenger who happens to be an aviator. In smaller aircrafts most of the time there isn't. Where did an inexperienced passenger landed a plane most recently last year? We're looking for the location with an accuracy of a few hundred meters.

We go to a house with a strange piece of art on its roof.
Hint 1: it has 'no name'
Hint 2: Spain joint the precursor of the EU
You are allowed to be 10 meters off.

In the country that exists since June 5th, 2006 there is a house on a rock. We are going to that house.

Really dangerous animals can't be found in the wild in most part of Europe. You will need to go to other continents if you go looking for them. In Africa, for example. Beautiful images of one of the most dangerous and aggressive mammals can be found on Google Earth. Travel to this National Park. The park is the third largest national park of that country.

If you look on maps of lightning strikes, there is one country that very clearly gets hit by lightning more often than other countries. We are going to that country.

If you step into a boat on the Russian Kamchatka peninsula. And you only go straight ahead. You can almost circle the world before you find land. But what is the first country that you find? (assuming you try to sail as far as possible)

Track 2

This country is famous for the furniture store, nobel prize, the king that does a lot for the WOSM and there is currently 1 team there playing iScout.
This link can help you:

In this country was the football world cup in 2014 and there is currently 1 team there playing iScout.

How many countries in Africa can you name? Most likely not so many. A lot of people talk about Africa like it's a country. To show how enormously large Africa is someone made a nice map on which better known countries are put onto the map of Africa. And that are a lot of countries. We are going to the spot where Belgium (approximately) is on this map.

We are writing this on the 8th of June 2015. There they were, the iScout programmers, with dinner and MacBook on the couch when the name of this mountain was mentioned. We are going to check out this mountain.

De USA used to have an reusable spacecraft. A kind of fancy airplane. The Russians were working on a similar thing. It has been in the air, but it was never really used for what it was made. We are going to the spot the machine lived, recognisable by two round landing places.

On the 21st of december 2015, history was written when X landed here. X is something and a hint :)
You are allowed to be about 20 miles from the answer, because google maps is a bit behind on it's info.

We go to a state. And most people can't tolerate more than a few drops of this bottle in their food.

Balls and drinking water. We go to a lake. (or a number of lakes together)

We are going to fsociety. There is something else written on the front of the building, but it is without doubt THE building. As true computer nerd you must know what we are talking about.

We go to a lake with many islands.

In the early days the only way to transport tea leaves from the mountains to the rest of the country was by train. This country has made an art of building mountain railways. With every 900 meters a tunnel and every 11 meters (!) a bridge on average, this railway has to be spectaculair! Go to the end of this line, which is were the British Raj stayed during summer. The journey will take around 5 hours.

Grab your calculator:
Let's say we play iScout not now, but on the 2nd of April. We start at 19:00 CET, naturally. Where will the game start at 6:00?
If we would have played the game on the 26th of March, the game would start here at 8:00 (AM).

There are multiple countries where you have to pay an extra tax on on sodas like Coca Cola. We go to the country where they have such a tax and where a former president had worked for a soda company.

This government is not so happy with inhabitants that buy their toilet seats elsewhere.
This can be heard at home here.

We're not sure if it got something to do with the anthem from the question before. We do know that a (former) rock star got a statue here. Now we're in Fremantle, we can just as well make an extra stop at the statue.

Old trains found their final resting place here. Are they substituted by buses that today run over the rail tracks in parts of the country? We don't talk about DMV here.
Travel to the place where de participants should have turned. Accuracy: ca 500 meters.

Somewhere in the world is a famous blue police box. You can also find this on Google maps. Look for the crossing where this police box is. We are looking for the exact one with which Google maps did something awesome.

Track 3

This country consists of 1190 coral islands and there is currently 1 team there playing iScout.
This link can help you with the entry level questions:

This country is known for it's fjords and there is currently 1 team there playing iScout.

We go to the triangle of this one.

A pop star once made a mistake by calling out the wrong name of a city during his tour. On the balcony of which bulding did he say 'Hello budapest!'?

What is more expensive: Space exploration or the development of a razor? The answer to this question you will find on an awesome blog.
We are going to the head office of the company from the example of the blog that spend the most on the development of his product.
So we are going to the head office of (the mothercompany of) a space exploration something or a razor something.

We, via a number, to a country.

We go to the southernmost city where during the second world war, on behalf of the Dutch government, Dutch coins were made for use after the war.

En little music in the elevator is known to most. But finding a toilet in elevators can be something new to you. This is considered in a country after an earthquake and a lot of people got stuck in elevators.
Travel to the epicenter of of this specific earthquake. Accuracy of about 100 kilometers.

This state existed (roughly) between the beginning of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. It was the only state where it was seriously planned to make a constructed language the first official language. The first World War, however, threw a monkey wrench in the works. Travel to the former capital of the state.

Google is working on self driving cars for some years now. By now, the cars are allowed on the streets of a few American states. They are frequently spotted in the wild. For testing an press presentations, the company use(d) a rooftop turned into an obstacle course. Travel to the building with this course.
Travel to the building of the issuer of this card.

The NASA collects an online list of 'fireball and bolide reports'. This list is far from complete and (only) runs from 2006, but it's a nice set uw raw data to play with. Travel to the hit the closest to the iScout Travel Agency headquarters of today.

We like to divide the Earth in pieces by geographical continents or in terms of wealth. Another option is to do this based on consumption. Examples could be the cacao continent, the tobacco continent and the coffee continent. In this line of reasoning, there is also some sort of coca-cola continent. This question will lead you to the capital of this 'continent'.
Therefore, take the coordinates of the capitals of the 5 countries where the consumption of coca cola per person is the highest. Then, find the average of these coordinates and travel to the town near this place which name has something to do with the brand.
* On the English Google Maps map, two places can be considered correct for this question. Both answers are correct.
** The second place on the English map strictly isn't stated correct as its alias is used.

A couple of years ago a body was found on an peninsula near the border of two countries. The one problem was that the peninsula belonged to one country, and the only road to the peninsula belonged to the other. So the police stepped into a boat. They also realized that this was not the ideal situation and thus the countries decided to swap two pieces of land in 2016. We are going to the biggest piece that is going to be exchanged.

A long time ago there was village in Africa where two rivers met. These rivers were full of dangers for the locals. One day a pregnant woman saw a two colored hippo rising from the river. He offered protection against the dangers of the river. To honor the hippo the woman named her daughter after the hippo. Later the daughter and the hippo became very good friends. Even lovers.
A young warrior also fell in love with the daughter. Blinded by jealousy he killed the hippo. Unfortunately she still didn't wanted to marry him. The selfish action of the warrior jeopardized the village because the hippo wasn't there anymore to protect them.
This is a saga of an African village. In honor of this hippo there is a satue in middle of this village. Go to the statue of this hippo in this village? A hint about the country where is village is located: The word hippo is the name of the country in the local language.

The definition of a capital is the city where the government of a country is seated. Although there are exceptions on this. In the Netherlands, for example the capital city is Amsterdam but the government is located in The Hague.
For this question, travel to the country where the distance between the 'two capitals' is the greatest.
A country with more than 2 capitals is excluded from this question.

We are going to a state in the USA. The hint is 'Eleven + two'


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