iScout Travel Guide

This Travel Guide contains all rules of the game.

Playing rules

iScout is a game for Rovers and volunteers in Scouting. They play the game on Saturday evening, March 9, 2019 from 19:00 till 23:00 CET. The rules of the game can be found below. There're a few small changes compared to last year.

In Short

Be Prepared

Preparing for iScout will not take al lot of time as you play the game from your own place. Make sure to have a team of 20 to 30 players, collect the needed materials and know the guide below.

If your team is smaller than 20 players, you will still be able to play the game, but your chances of winning will be smaller. Over 30 persons will not increase your chances of winning and the game might be less challenging. You probably finish all Questions and Tasks, which doesn't necessarily mean you will win the game.



Team Flag

As a team, you need your own flag, visible on every photo of movie you hand-in. Make sure to have a few of these flag with at least the text: 'iScout 2019' and the name of your team. Use at least A3 format. It's most fun to be creative yourself, for digital creative people, you can download the iScout logo-on-your-flag-kit, please note the licence which included in the kit.

Login information

Every team receives login information at March 9, 2019, around noon (CET).


You can ask questions until saturday March 9, 2019 12.00h via [email protected]. From saturday 17.00u you can use the iScout chat, which is available in the iScout Game-site.

During the game


The target of the game is to collect as much Travelpoints as you can. You earn them by virtually travelling around the world. Every good answered questions gives one point.

The start

iScout starts at 19.00h CET. You can login on the Game-site from 17.00h to admire, explore and hand in your group picture.

Travel Questions

To earn points, you have to answer questions and thereby travel around the world. Questions are about countries, cultures and places around the world and answers are always spots on the map. You have to put a marker at the right spot at a Google Maps map. There are different Tracks to play. Every track starts with some easy questions and will get harder every question. After correctly answering a question you have to pay one Credit to get a new question.

If your don't know the answer (for sure), you can use a wildcard. The wildcard option is available after 15 minutes after paying the credit for the question. If you use a wildcard you won't receive a point.

If you answered the question wrong, you can retry it after 5 minutes.


To play questions, you need credits. You can earn them by handing-in tasks. Every well executed task gives you two credits. Furthermore, you start the game with 7 credits and receive 1 extra credit every half hour.


A Task is challenging and you have to film of photograph your interpretation. You hand in your result via the iScout Game-site. The Travelagents (Jury) will check your upload as soon as possible in order reward you with the credtis. If the jury marks your product as insufficient, you can retry.

Task requirements:

The list of Tasks is available at the start of the game on the website. You can hand in you first task at 17:00h, being the Group picture. With every task concern your own safety and that of others and the evironment! You are responsible for this and you decide whether you do a task or not. See also our Terms and Conditions.


The real fanatic travelers can spend their time and creativity on one of the projects. These are extra big and challenging tasks and are not obligatory for playing the game. Projects are there for the bigger Teams. Every team may hand-in only one project of witch you have to make a film of photo collage. The Travel Agency will reward your product with 1 (insufficient), 4 (good) or 6 (well done) extra Travel Points. The height of this bonus is determined by the creativity you spend on the project. The more challenging you make it for yourselves, the more points you (may) get. A project may be handed in till the end of the game. Handing in a project costs 2 Travel Points! Therefore, it can be wise to NOT hand in a project.

Submitting files

You can submit files via the iScout Game Site. Make sure files are not too big and film isn't too long. Furthermore, there are some restrictions to the extensions you can hand in.



File size

Photo.jpg .jpeg .png .gif10 MB
FilmH.264 (.mp4 .mov .f4v)
FLV (.flv)
90 MB, max. 2 minutes
Tekst.pdf .txt10 MB


Contact during the game

Important information from the Travel Agents is spread via Twitter with #iScout18 and #LastMinute in the tweet. Teams can contact the Travel Agency via a chat function included in het Game Site.


You may not edit your material content wise, like photoshopping. You may decrease pictures in size, make them lighter or shape a collage from them. Using bots or scripts is also considered as cheating, as well as actively searching for answers or material of other teams on the site. If the Travel Agency suspects a Team from cheating, they can immediately exclude the team from further playing.

End of the game

The game stops at 23:00h and Travel Agents work hard to judge the last Tasks. We hope to publish the final scores and ranking around midnight.


The team with the most Travel Points wins iScout. In case of a draw, the team with the most Travel Credits left wins.

Tips & Tricks